Major Requirements

In addition to adhering to the UC Merced and School of Natural Sciences requirements, the additional requirements that must be met to obtain the B.S. degree in the Applied Mathematical Sciences at UC Merced are:

Applied Mathematical Sciences Requirements (62-64 units)

The Applied Mathematical Sciences major consists of 16 courses (5 or 6 lower division and 10 or 11 upper division, depending on the emphasis track chosen) designed to give all students a common foundation of core knowledge specific to the discipline, plus breadth in an application area.

Lower division courses (20 units)
    Contemporary Biology (BIS 1), Introduction to Earth Systems Science (ESS 1) or Introduction to Biological Earth Systems (ESS 5) [4 units]
    Calculus II (MATH 22) [4 units]
    Vector Calculus (MATH 23) [4 units]
    Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (MATH 21) [4 units]
    Physics II (PHYS 9) [4 units]

Upper division courses (24 units)
    Complex variables and applications (MATH 122) [4 units]
    Intermediate Differential Equations (MATH 125) [4 units]
    Partial Differential Equations (MATH 126) [4 units]
    Numerical Analysis I (MATH 131) [4 units]
    Numerical Analysis II (MATH 132) [4 units]
    Linear Analysis I (MATH 141) [4 units]

Emphasis Tracks (18 - 20 units)
The student must complete at least 18 units of approved course work from other programs toward the completion of an emphasis track. At least 11 of these 18 units must be upper division courses. Some examples of emphasis tracks include physics, computational biology, economics, computer science and engineering, and engineering mechanics. These examples appear in the sample course plans below. More application themes will become available as new programs on campus develop. Students may design their own emphasis track with approval from the faculty program leads for the Applied Mathematical Sciences major.

Additional requirements for Physics Emphasis Track
    Introductory Physics III (PHYS 10) [4 units]
    Any upper division physics courses, except Phys 160, totaling at least 14 units.

Additional requirements for Computational Biology Emphasis Track
    The Molecular Machinery of Life (BIO 2) [4 units]
    Biostatistics (BIO 175) [4 units]
    Mathematical Modeling for Biology (BIO 180) [4 units]
    Survey of Computational Biology (BIO 181) [4 units]
    Bioinformatics (BIO 182) [4 units]
    Genetics (BIO 140) [4 units]
    Phylogenetics (BIO 144) [4 units]
    Population Genetics (BIO 183) [4 units]

Additional requirements for Economics Emphasis Track
    Introduction to Economics (ECON 1) [4 units]
    Statistical Inference (ECON 10) [4 units]
    Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (ECON 100) [4 units]
    Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (ECON 101) [4 units]
    Econometrics (ECON 130) [4 units]

Additional requirements for Computer Science & Engineering Emphasis Track
    Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering I (CSE 30) [4 units]
    Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering II (CSE 31) [4 units]
    Algorithm Design and Analysis (CSE 100) [4 units]
    AND two (2) of the following courses:
    Database Systems (CSE 111) [4 units]
    Computer Architecture (CSE 140) [4 units]
    Computer Networks (CSE 160) [4 units]
    Computer Graphics (CSE 170) [4 units]
    Programming Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (CSE 171) [4 units]
    Computational Cognitive Neuroscience (CSE 173) [4 units]
    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CSE (175) [4 units]
    Machine Learning (CSE 176) [4 units]
    Introduction to Computer Vision (CSE 185) [4 units]
    Discrete Math and Computer Modeling (ENGR 160) [3 units]
    Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (ENGR 140) [4 units]

Additional requirements for Engineering Mechanics Emphasis Track
    Dynamics (ENGR 57) [4 units]
    Finite Element Analysis (ME 135) [3 units]
    AND three (3) of the following courses:
    Fluid Mechanics (ENGR 120) [4 units]
    Thermodynamics (ENGR 130) [3 units]
    Strength of Materials (ENGR 151) [4 units]
    Heat Transfer (ENGR 135) [4 units]
    Vibrations and Controls (ME 140) [3 units]

Additional requirements for Environmental Emphasis Track
    Two (2) of the following courses:
    Introduction to Earth Systems Science (ESS 001) [4 units]
    Sustainability Science (ESS 002) [4 units]
    Fundamentals of Geology (ESS 020) [4 units]
    Introduction to Ecosystem Science (ESS 025) [4 units]
    Introduction to Environmental Science and Technology (ENVE 020) [4 units]
    AND three (3) of the following courses:
    Environmental Data Analysis (ENVE 105) [4 units]
    Hydrology and Climate (ENVE/ESS 110) [4 units]
    Subsurface Hydrology (ENVE/ESS 112) [4 units]
    Meteorology and Air Pollution (ENVE 130) [4 units]
    Sustainable Energy (ENVE 160) [4 units]
    Theoretical Ecology (ESS 128) [4 units]
    Fundamentals of Ecology (ESS 148) [4 units]

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