Minor Requirements

To receive a minor in Applied Mathematical Sciences, a student must complete the following requirements:

Applied Mathematical Sciences Requirements (20 units)
The Applied Mathematical Sciences minor consists of 5 courses (1 lower division and 4 upper division) designed to give students the skills needed to apply mathematical techniques and computational methods to solve problems in the social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering.

Lower division courses (4 units)
Scientific Data Analysis (MATH 18), or Probability and Statistics (MATH 32) [4 units]

Upper division courses (4 units)
Intermediate Differential Equations (MATH 125) [4 units]

Additional Upper division courses (12 units)
A student must take at least three additional upper division Applied Mathematics courses, of his or her choice, totaling at least 12 units. Possible courses are:

            Applied Math Methods II (MATH 122) [4 units]
            Partial Differential Equations (MATH 126) [4 units]
            Numerical Analysis I (MATH 131) [4 units]
            Numerical Analysis II (MATH 132) [4 units]
            Linear Analysis I (MATH 141) [4 units]
            Mathematical Modeling (MATH 150) [4 units]
            Independent Study (MATH 198) [4 units]

Note 1: Only one of those courses (lower or upper division) can be used to simultaneously fulfill a requirement for a different minor or for a major.

Note 2: The following courses are prerequisites to the required course MATH 125:

            Calculus of a Single Variable I* (MATH 21) [4 units]
            Calculus of a Single Variable II (MATH 22) [4 units]
            Vector Calculus (MATH 23) [4 units]
            Intro to Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (MATH 24) [4 units]

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