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Major & Minor in Applied Mathematical Sciences

The Applied Mathematical Sciences Major at UC Merced is offered by the School of Natural Sciences. This major is for students seeking a deep knowledge of the foundations of applied mathematics: modeling, analysis and scientific computation, and a broad experience in applying that knowledge to solve real-world problems in the natural sciences, social sciences and engineering.

Applied Mathematical Sciences students at UC Merced experience a genuine applied mathematics education: they take a core of courses to study the construction, analysis, and evaluation of mathematical models of real-world problems. In addition, they choose an emphasis track in which they learn to apply these fundamental tools in developing a quantitative understanding of an application area. Some examples of emphasis tracks include computational biology, economics, physics, engineering mechanics and computer science among others.

Become an Applied Mathematical Sciences major if you want to develop a deep understanding of the methods of applied mathematics and a broad understanding of how that knowledge is useful for making contributions to science and engineering. Contact Prof. Fran├žois Blanchette for further information.