Harish Bhat, associate professor
Research: Algorithms and modeling in the areas of stochastic processes, data mining, and statistics
François Blanchette, associate professor
Research: Computational and theoretical multiphase fluid dynamics with applications to sedimenting systems and surface tension dominated flows
 Boaz Ilan, associate professor
Research: Analytical and computational modeling of linear and nonlinear waves applied to ultrafast optics, Bose-Einstein condensates, and solar science

Shilpa Khatri, assistant professor
Research: Numerical analysis, fluid dyanamics, applications in biology and oceanography




Arnold D. Kim, professor
Research: Wave propagations in random media applied to biomedical optical imaging and wireless communications
Lei, Yue, lecturer with security of employment
Research: Lower-dimensional topology and geometry
Roummel Marcia, associate professor
Research: Linear algebra and nonlinear optimization with applications to compressive optics and computational biochemistry
Juan Meza, professor and dean of the School of Natural Sciences
Research: Nonlinear optimization with an emphasis on methods for parallel computing
Noemi Petra, assistant professor
Research: Large-scale inverse problems, PDE-constrained optimization, uncertainty quantification, optimal experimental design
Suzanne Sindi, assistant professor
Research: Mathematical and computational biology, specifically in analytical and computational modeling of prion transmission in yeast and genetic structural variants
Maxime Theillard, assistant professor
Research: Numerical modeling of complex fluids


Mayya Tokman, assistant professor
Research: Computational science, numerical analysis, mathematical modeling applied to plasma physics

Vu Thai Luan, visiting assistant professor
Research: Numerical Analysis and Scientific computing, specifically in time integration of ordinary and partial differential equations
Camille Carvalho

Camille Carvalho, visiting assistant professor

Research: Partial differential equations and Numerical analysis applied to electromagnetic wave propagation, metamaterials, and plasmonics


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