Mathematical Biology Research Group

Mathematical Biology Research Group at UC Merced

The mathematical biology group meets on a weekly basis to share and discuss current mathematical biology research in the Applied Mathematics Unit here at UC Merced. We use mathematical modeling and computational simulation to explore a variety of biological processes including, but not limited to, protein aggregation, population genetics & structural variation, and biofluid dynamics of marine

Our group is led by Professors Suzanne Sindi (ssindi<at> and Shilpa Khatri (skhatri3<at> and consists of graduate students, postdocs and faculty in the Applied Mathematics Unit and works in collaboration with several experimentalists at UC Merced and other institutions.

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Group Meeting is Held on Wednesdays 3:30-4:30 in Willow Room (COB1-322)
Fall 2017
August 23, 2017:
Organizational Meeting
August 30, 2017:
Paul Lemarre, Visiting Master's Student
Title: Mathematical Investigation Into Prion Strains Coexistence and Co-stability
September 6, 2017:
Michael Stobb, Applied Mathematics Phd Candidate
Title: Uncertaintity Quantification in Biochemical Systems
September 13, 2017:
Mario Banuelos, Applied Mathematics Phd Candidate
Title: Genomic Variant Detection Through Generations
September 20, 2017:
Suzanne S. Sindi, Assistant Professor
Title: Prion Dynamics in Dividing Yeast Populations
September 27, 2017:
Fabian Santiago, Applied Mathematics PhD Student
Title: Developing Mathematical Models to Cope with Antibiotic Resistance
October 4, 2017:
No Meeting
October 11, 2017:
Jason K. Dark, Postdoctoral Researcher at UC Irvine
Title: Stochastic Modeling of Protein Aggregation
October 18, 2017:
Matea Alvarado, Applied Mathematics PhD Student
October 25, 2017:
Shayna Bennett, Applied Mathematics PhD Student
November 1, 2017:
Shilpa Khatri, Assistant Professor
November 8, 2017:
Jordan Collignon, Applied Mathematics PhD Student
November 15, 2017:
Alex Quijano, Applied Mathematics PhD Student
Title: Mathematical Models of the Evolution of Intelligent Systems

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