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The Yosemite Fluid Meeting (FluMe) 2020 will be held on September 18th - 20th, in Wawona, CA.

You can find our SCHEDULE here

Location: The conference was hosted at the UC Merced Wawona Field station.  The address of the field station is:
SNRS Field Station
7799 Chilnualna Falls Rd Wawona, CA 95389 

Google maps provides good directions to it. You may also view this MAP of the area around the field station.

Food: The following meals will be provided: Saturday: breakfast, lunch, dinner, Sunday, breakfast, lunch. We will also have coffee and snacks during the day. Please let me know if you have any special requirements regarding food.

Accommodation: We have reserved Landsnaes and Joyce Houses, which are split into smaller shared rooms. You are asked to bring linens, pillows, blankets, and towels, as these are not provided. You may also like to have a flashlight, and mosquito repellent. However, meals will be provided. Participants are welcome to make their own reservations on nearby hotels or campgrounds if they prefer, for a reduced registration fee.

You may learn more about what to expect when staying at the Field Station here How does the field station work? 

and more information about the field station can be found here.

Other useful documents are:

Director's instructions. Cabin access codes were sent by email only.

Park Entrance Fee waiver


Liability waiver that you will be asked to sign on site.

Photography consent form that you will be asked to sign on site.


General Conference Description:

The Yosemite FluME 2018 will be a two-day meeting aimed at furthering collaborations between researchers in Fundamental Fluid Dynamics, broadly defined. Several speakers will give presentations on their work, and all participants will have ample time to forge relationships. The meeting will be hosted by UC Merced, in one of its field station within Yosemite National Park. Participants will come from institutions in Central and Northern California  ranging from State and private research universities, to state colleges that are primarily teaching institutions. 

In addition to fostering collaborations between faculty, this meeting will benefit postdocs and graduate students by exposing them to a broader range of research perspectives, and allowing them to form connections within their research community. Moreover, it will provide them with an opportunity to present their own research, thereby increasing their own visibility and improving their career prospects. 

Format: Presentations take the form of short talks (20 minutes + 5 minutes for questions and transition). A poster session will also be held for graduate students, and potentially postdocs. 

Cost: Particpants staying on-site will be asked a fee of $278. Participants staying off-site will be asked a fee of $195. This includes regsitration and food, and lodging in the former case.

Registration is now closed.

 Reimbursements: We are able to process full or partial reimbursement if requested before August 15. Please contact us if you need a reimbursement, and I will send you the form UC Merced requires us to use.

Contact: For any questions, please contact Prof. Francois Blanchette.


Funny version of our digitally manipulated picture:


FluMe 2018