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Mathematical Biology SMART Team/Directed Study Group

Starting in Fall 2019, the mathematical biology group is officially a mathematical biology SMART Team as part of the NSF Funded NSF Funded Data-Intensive Research And Computing (DIRAC) Research Training Group (RTG).

We meet weekly to discuss reearch involving the application of mathematical tools (such as mathematical modeling, computational simulation) to the study of biological systems. Our topics cover a range of biological processes including, but not limited to, protein aggregation, population genetics & structural variation, and dynamics of marine animals.

Our group is led by Professor Suzanne Sindi ( and consists of graduate students, postdocs and faculty in the Applied Mathematics, Physics and Quantitative & Systems Biology graduate programs. 

For Fall 2019, we will be meeting Wednesday from 9:30 to 10:30am in ACS 362B.We will post our updated schedule on this website once it is complete. You can follow our activities at our Twitter Account.

Fall 2019 Schedule

September 4:
Ali Heydari (Applied Mathematics Graduate Student); Akshay Paropkari (Quantitative and Systems Biology Graduate Student).
Title: What I did on my summer internship and what you can do to get ready for yours!

Stpember 11:
Suzanne Sindi (Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics)
Title: Mathematical Modeling of Prion Aggregate Dynamics within a Growing Yeast Colony

Stepember 18:
Emily Jane McTavish (Professor, Department of Life and Environmental Sciences)
Title: Estimating Distributions of Divergence Times on Phylogenies Using a Dynamic Program Algorithm

September 25:
Alex Quijano (Applied Mathematics Graduate Student)
Title: The Dynamic Mode Decomposition and its Application to Diachronic Linguistic Datasets

October 2:
Ruihao Li (Quantitative and Systems Biology Graduate Student)
Title: Genetic Regulatory Network Reverse Engineering Using Attractor-based Evolutionary Algorithm

October 9:
Ajay Gopinathan (Professor, Department of Physics)
Title: Modeling Flocks of Cancer Cells

October 16:
Akshay Paropkari (Quantitative and Systems Biology Graduate Student)

October 23:
Kinjal Dasbiswas (Professor, Department of Physics
Title: Physical modeling of cell structural order by mechanical forces

October 30:
Jordan Collignon (Applied Mathematics Graduate Student)

November 6:
David Ardell (Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology)
Title: Decoding the Cellular Language of tRNA-protein Interactions

November 13:
Tyrome Sweet (Quantitative and Systems Biology Graduate Student)

November 20:
Melissa Spence (Applied Mathematics Graduate Student)

December 4:
Jinsu Kim (Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, Irvine)

December 11:
Erica Rutter (Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics)


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