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Mathematical Biology Research Group

The mathematical biology group meets on a weekly basis to share and discuss current mathematical biology research at UC Merced. We use mathematical modeling and computational simulation to explore a variety of biological processes including, but not limited to, protein aggregation, population genetics & structural variation, and biofluid dynamics of marine animals.

Our group is led by Professors Suzanne Sindi ( and Shilpa Khatri ( and consists of graduate students, postdocs and faculty in the Applied Mathematics Department and works in collaboration with several experimentalists at UC Merced and other institutions.

You can follow our activities at our Twitter Account

Group Meeting is Held on Wednesdays 3-4pm in SE1-300

January 23: Organizational Meeting

January 30: Akshay Paropkari, QSB Graduate Student

February 6: Suzanne Sindi, Applied Mathematics Faculty

February 11: ***SPECIAL TIME AND DATE***

  • Speaker: Prof Kathryn Hess
  • Location: COB2 390
  • Time: 2:30 - 3:30pm
  • Title:   Topological insights in neuroscience
  • Abstract:  Topology is the mathematics of shape, ideally suited to studying questions of connectivity and of the emergence of global structure from local constraints.  In this talk I will sketch a variety of fruitful applications of topology to neuroscience, such as to the identifications of biomarkers for outcome in early psychosis and to the classification of neuron morphologies, carried out by my lab over the past few years.
February 20: (2:30 - 3:30pm) Jonathan Anzules, QSB Graduate Student
February 22: No Meeting!
March 6:  Thaddeus Seher, QSB Graduate Student
March 13: Ali Heydari and Paul Lemarre will re-cap workshops they did at UCI
March 20: Tyrome Sweet, QSB Graduate Student
March 27: No Meeting! (Spring Break)
April 3:  Michael Stobb, Applied Mathematics Graduate Student
April 17: Jordan Collignon, Applied Mathematics Graduate Student
April 24: Fabian Santiago, Applied Mathematics Graduate Student
May 1: Melissa Spence and Ali Heydari, Applied Mathematics Graduate Students will present their ICGE project.
May 8: TBA