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Mathematical Biology SMaRT team

Recent advances in experimental technologies have propelled mathematical biology. Complex questions may now be addressed. For example, how do multiple phenotypes emerge for cells that share the same DNA? How do cells regulate the transmission of damaged proteins during division? Can we leverage multiple related individuals in DNA sequencing studies to boost the prediction of genomic variants? This SMaRT team will tackle these and other related topics using new mathematical models, techniques, experimental design, sensitivity analysis, and uncertainty quantification.

The Faculty leader for this SMaRT team is Prof. Suzanne Sindi

Its other members are:


  • Shilpa Khatri
  • Roummel Marcia
  • Erica Rutter

Post-docs and visitors: 

  • Mikhal Banwarth-Kuhn
  • Lihong Zhao

Graduate Students:

  • Jordan Collignon
  • Fabian Santiago
  • Ali Heydari
  • Amandeep Kaur
  • Alex Quijano
  • Melissa Spence

Undergraduates: None at the moment