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Problem of the Month

  • Any method, analytical or numerical, can be used, including but not limited to algebra, geometry, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, probability, statistics, computer simulations, experiment, etc.
  • All solutions need to include detailed reasoning and explanations.
  • Partial solutions are welcome!
  • A well-documented failed approach with a clear explanation of why the method does not work will be valued as much as a complete solution!
  • Any undergraduate students who submitted top and/or creative solutions will be recognized on the Applied Mathematics Department website. They will be entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card of $50. 
  • All undergraduate students who have submitted solutions will be entered into a second drawing for another Amazon gift card of $25.
  • On Wednesday, October 12 (Granite Pass 103, 4-5pm), noteworthy solutions will be presented and the lucky winners will be decided.
  • Please contact Prof. Lei, Yue ( and/or Prof. Changho Kim (ckim103@ucmerced.eduif you have questions.


Previous problems

Month Winner of
$50 Amazon Gift Card
Submitters of Noteworthy Solutions
Apr 2022 Nathan Simons Sydney Cripe, Salaheldin Hegab, Ryan Milstrey, Daniel Perez-Zoghbi, Nathan Simons, Tianfei Zhang (undergraduate)
Mar 2022 Salaheldin Hegab Salaheldin Hegab, David Hernandez, Arnold Khampaseut, Andrew Lin, Ryan Milstrey, Daniel Perez-Zoghbi, Kaixuan Zhang (undergraduate)
Valentin Dallent (graduate student)
Feb 2022 Andrew Lin Fernando Espinoza-Ortiz, Salaheldin Hegab, Andrew Lin, Ryan Milstrey, Kaixuan Zhang (undergraduate) photo of the winners of Applied Math department mugs
Nov/Dec 2021 Salaheldin Hegab Salaheldin Hegab (undergraduate)
Oct/Nov 2021 Sabrina Ponce Sabrina Ponce (undergraduate)
Valentin Dallerit (graduate students)
Sep/Oct 2021 Edward Lu Salaheldin Hegab, Edward Lu, Ryan Milstrey (undergraduate)
Valentin Dallerit, Tucker Hartland (graduate students)