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Problem of the Month

  • Any method, analytical or numerical, can be used, including but not limited to algebra, geometry, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, probability, statistics, computer simulations, experiment, etc.
  • All solutions need to include detailed reasoning and explanations.
  • Partial solutions are welcome!
  • A well-documented failed approach with a clear explanation of why the method does not work will be valued as much as a complete solution!
  • Send in what you have accomplished to
    by Monday, May 1.
  • Any undergraduate students who submitted top and/or creative solutions will be recognized on the Applied Mathematics Department website. They will be entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card of $50 and a Applied Math Department Glass.
  • All undergraduate students who have submitted solutions and attend the problem-solving session will be entered into a second drawing for another Amazon gift card of $25.
  • On Tuesday, May 2 (COB2 290, 4:30-5:30pm), noteworthy solutions will be presented and the lucky winners will be decided.
  • This semester, we also started “Math Circle” using our monthly problems. The meeting for the April problem is Thursday, April 27, 12:30-1:30pm, in ACS 362B.
  • Please contact Prof. Lei, Yue ( and/or Prof. Changho Kim (ckim103@ucmerced.eduif you have questions.



Previous problems

Academic Year 2022-2023

Month Winner of
$50 Amazon Gift Card
and Department Glass
Submitters of Noteworthy Solutions
Apr 2023 Kento Bushey, Ryan Milstrey

Kento Bushey, Ryan Milstrey (undergraduate), Joseph Simpson (graduate student)

Mar 2023 Ryan Milstrey, Luis Fujarte

Asriel Camora, Luis Fujarte, Ryan Milstrey (undergraduate)

Feb 2023 Adi Kisieu, Luis Fujarte Luis Fujarte, Adi Kisieu, Jack McGuinness, Ryan Milstrey (undergraduate)
Joseph Simpson (graduate student)
Nov 2022 Cheyenenn Bennarie, Garret Castro Cheyenne Bennmarie, Kento Bushey, Garret Castro, Luis Fujarte + Ryan Milstrey, Jack McGuinness, Ronald Nap (undergraduate)
Shashwat Sharan, Joseph Simpson (graduate student)
Oct 2022 Jack McGuinness, Kento Bushey Kento Bushey, Jack McGuinness, Patrick Park (undergraduate)
Tucker Hartland, Shashwat Sharan, Joseph Simpson (graduate student)  
Sep 2022 Patrick Park, Tony Liu Tony Liu, Rohan Makkar, Jack McGuinness, Patrick Park, Jason Petersen (undergraduate)
Shashwat Sharan (graduate student)  

Academic Year 2021-2022

Month Winner of
$50 Amazon Gift Card
Submitters of Noteworthy Solutions
Apr 2022 Nathan Simons Sydney Cripe, Salaheldin Hegab, Ryan Milstrey, Daniel Perez-Zoghbi, Nathan Simons, Tianfei Zhang (undergraduate)
Mar 2022 Salaheldin Hegab Salaheldin Hegab, David Hernandez, Arnold Khampaseut, Andrew Lin, Ryan Milstrey, Daniel Perez-Zoghbi, Kaixuan Zhang (undergraduate)
Valentin Dallent (graduate student)
Feb 2022 Andrew Lin Fernando Espinoza-Ortiz, Salaheldin Hegab, Andrew Lin, Ryan Milstrey, Kaixuan Zhang (undergraduate) photo of the winners of Applied Math department mugs
Nov/Dec 2021 Salaheldin Hegab Salaheldin Hegab (undergraduate)
Oct/Nov 2021 Sabrina Ponce Sabrina Ponce (undergraduate)
Valentin Dallerit (graduate students)
Sep/Oct 2021 Edward Lu Salaheldin Hegab, Edward Lu, Ryan Milstrey (undergraduate)
Valentin Dallerit, Tucker Hartland (graduate students)