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Sensing and Imaging SMaRT team

Recent advances in sensor technology have vastly contributed to the data deluge of the past 15 years, and have introduced new challenges to the mathematics of sensing and imaging. For example, how can sensors be deployed optimally, or how can signal structure be leveraged to improve reconstruction accuracy from low-dimensional and possibly noisy measurements? Members of this SMaRT team will develop models, experimental designs, and algorithms as well as quantify uncertainty for forward and inverse problems related to imaging and sensing applications.

Areas of Applied Mathematics involved are Partial differential equations, Numerical analysis, Linear and Non-Linear Wave propagation, Wave propagation in Complex and Random media, Optimization as well as Uncertainty Quantification.

The Faculty leader for this team is Prof. Chrysoula Tsogka.

Its other members are:


Post-docs and visitors:

  • Ki-Tae Kim

Graduate Students:

  • Jackie Alvarez 
  • Elsie Cortes
  • Tucker Hartland
  • Anna Kucherova
  • Ben Latham
  • Cory Mccullough
  • Jocelyn Ornelas Munoz
  • Cayce Fylling
  • Radoslav Vuchkov
  • Kyle Wright

Undergraduates: None at the moment

Past graduate students

  • Christine Hoffman (PhD)
  • Andrew Lazar (MSc)
  • Ashley De Luna (MSc)
  • Phoebe Coy (MSc)
  • Omar DeGuchy (PhD)

Past Post-docs