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Applied Mathematics at University of California, Merced, is an interdisciplinary research and training program focused on solving real-world problems through the development and use of novel mathematical models and computational methods.

Our faculty, postdocs, and graduate students conduct research in a variety of fields including mathematical modeling, scientific computing, numerical analysis, statistics and data science. They also actively engage in multidisciplinary collaborations with researchers across a broad variety of scientific and engineering fields. Our program is committed to training a skillful, creative and diverse workforce for industry, government research, and academia.

The Applied Mathematics program at UC Merced is led by a tight-knit group of young and energetic faculty. We have developed a truly unique learning environment focused on a deep knowledge of the principles of applied mathematics coupled with a broad understanding of how to apply those principles to understand our world. We are enthusiastically committed to training both undergraduate and graduate students in research and education. We offer a major and minor in Applied Mathematics for undergraduates, and have both a Masters and a Ph.D. program at the graduate level.

As the first new American research university in the 21st century, UC Merced is one of the few institutions in the country to emphasize state-of-the-art applied mathematics. The emphasis on applied mathematics enables our program to foster the intellectual growth of individuals who are trained to use their analytical and computational skills to solve society’s most challenging problems of today and beyond.