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Scientific Computing SMaRT team

Given the ever increasing complexity and scale of scientific and engineering problems that require predictive computational models, there is growing need for more efficient and accurate numerical methods and computational techniques. This SMaRT team will develop robust and scalable computational algorithms that have wide-ranging applicability to interdisciplinary data science.

The Faculty leader for this SMaRT team is Prof. Harish Bhat

Its other members are:


  • François Blanchette
  • Camille Carvalho
  • Shilpa Khatri
  • Arnold Kim
  • Changho Kim
  • Noémi Petra
  • Erica Rutter
  • Suzanne Sindi
  • Maxime Theillard
  • Mayya Tokman
  • Chrysoula Tsogka

Post-docs and visitors:

  • Tommaso Buvoli

Graduate Students:

  • Valentin Dallerit
  • Tucker Hartland
  • Ben Latham
  • Tri Nguyen
  • Maia Powell
  • Alex Quijano
  • Majerle Reeves
  • Cayce Fylling
  • Melissa Spence
  • Jared Stewart
  • Tanya Tafolla
  • Radoslav Vuchkov
  • Eunji Yoo

Undergraduates: None at the moment