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Energy and the Environment SMaRT team

Drop in stratification

This SMaRT team will focus on utilizing continuum mechanics to represent complex

systems that influence two of the most important societal issues of

our time: Energy and the Environment.

The Faculty leader for this team is Prof. François Blanchette. Its other members are:

Faculty (and links to their homepage):

Post-docs and visitors:

  • Tommaso Buvoli,
  • Reza Parsa.

Graduate Students:

  • Shayna Bennett,
  • Adam Binswanger,
  • Valentin Dallerit,
  • Lori Lewis,
  • Matea Santiago,
  • Cory McCullough,
  • Tri Nguyen,
  • Matteo Polimeno,
  • Cayce Fylling,
  • Jared Stewart,
  • Eunji Yoo.

Undergraduates: None at the moment.