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Applied Math Challenge for High School Students

** Please check the news story about this event **


    UC Merced will host its first Annual Applied Math Challenge for High School Students from July 25th through August 5th. This event invites local high school students to participate in a two-week-long mathematical challenge working collaboratively with other students under the mentorship of a UC Merced graduate student mentor. The mentor will assist students to understand core mathematical ideas as the team works on creating a poster presentation on their methods and results for solving a real-world problem. Once completed, we invite the students to come to UC Merced on August 5th to present their findings at a poster session. In addition, on that day, students will have an opportunity to interact with some UC Merced Applied Math faculty as well as UC Merced undergraduate students.


    Students may sign up for the Applied Math Challenge through June 17th here. After sign-ups have concluded, confirmation details will be sent directly to students via email. Mentors will come to local high schools to have an orientation at the start of the event, and over the course of the event mentors will remotely assist the students. The students will be invited to visit UC Merced on the final day of the challenge, August 5th.


    Shayna Bennett (Graduate Student), Jared Stewart (Graduate Student), Changho Kim (Assistant Professor), Noemi Petra (Associate Professor), and Lei, Yue (Associate Teaching Professor)

    Funding and Acknowledgements

    This educational/outreach activity is partially supported by NSF grant CAREER-1654311.