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Preliminary Exams

Preliminary examinations are offered at the beginning and end of the Spring semester each year. These are three closed-book written examinations in (i) differential equations, (ii) advanced calculus, and (iii) linear algebra. The examinations are given at the advanced-undergraduate/beginning-graduate level. For each of the three exams, students receive a score of 1, 2 or 3, as determined by the faculty committee in charge of the examination. All students in the program are required to take the preliminary exams in the beginning of the Spring semester in the first year of graduate studies. All students must obtain a score of at least 2 on all three exams. A student may retake from one to three of the exams, but exams must be re-taken at the end of the same Spring semester. If the student does not obtain a score of at least 2 on all three exams after two attempts, he or she will be disqualified from further study in the program. Additionally, doctoral students must earn a score of 3 on all three exams.

For details, please see Policies and Procedures.

Past Exams