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Applied Math Seminars 2011-2012

Fall 2012 Seminars (Applied Mathematics)

  • 7 September 2012: Prof. Christine Isborn, UC Merced: Accelerating the computation of the ground and excited states of large molecules using graphical processing units (GPUs)

  • 21 September 2012: Dr. Chris Curtis, University of Colorado, Boulder, Using conservation laws in nonlinear wave equations

  • 5 October 2012: Dr. Chao Yang, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab: Solving nonlinear eigenvalue problems in electronic structure calculation

  • 19 October 2012: Dr. Tammy Kolda, Sandia National Labs: Capturing community behavior using very large networks

  • 2 November 2012: Prof. Alexandre Chorin, UC Berkeley: Implicit sampling with applications

  • 16 November 2012: Dr. Dmitrios Mitsotakis, UC Merced: On the Numerical Solution of some Boussinesq systems in 2D and the Tsunami Generation Problem

  • 30 November 2012: Prof. Phil Kutzco, University of Iowa: The Alliance for Doctoral Studies in the Mathematical Sciences: Forming a Graduate Program Group

Spring 2012 Seminars (Applied Mathematics)

  • 10 February 2012: Prof. Gadi Fibich, Tel Aviv University: Loss of phase in continuations of the NLS beyond the singularity

  • 9 March 2012: Mimi Dai, UC Santa Cruz: Some Properties of Solutions to Liquid Crystal Systems

  • 16 March 2012: Prof. Phil Kutzco, University of Iowa

  • 6 April 2012: Prof. Nathan Kutz, University of Washington: Data Driven Modeling and Dimensionality Reduction

  • 13 April 2012: Dr. Damian Rouson, Sandia National Labs: On modern software architecture for multiphysics modeling

  • 20 April 2012: Dr. Jeffrey Hittinger, Lawrence Livermore National Labs

  • 27 April 2012: Dr. David Richards, Lawrence Livermore National Labs

Fall 2011 Seminars (Applied Mathematics and Physics)

  • 2 September 2011: Prof. Eric Brown, UC Merced: Mechanics Of Strucutred Fluids

  • 9 September 2011: Prof. Erin Johnson, UC Merced: Electron Correlation in Density-Functional Theory

  • 23 September 2011: Edlef Buttner, AEP Berlin

  • 30 September 2011: Surya Gungli, Stanford

  • 7 October 2011: Patrick Guidotti, UC Irvine

  • 14 October 2011: John Butcher, University of Aukland

  • 28 October 2011: Robin Selinger, Kent State

  • 4 November 2011: James Lambers, University of Southern Mississippi

  • 17 November 2011 (Special Seminar): Albert Fannjiang, UC Davis

  • 2 December 2011: Derek Kimball, CSU Eastbay

Spring 2011 Seminars (Applied Mathematics and Physics)

  • 21 January 2011: Dr. Sven Hoefling, University of Wuerzburg: Semiconductor Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics With Quantum Dots and Quantum Wells

  • 28 January 2011: Ramamoorthy Ramesh, University of California, Berkeley

  • 11 February 2011: Prof. Frederic Gibou, University of California, Santa Barbara: Numerical Solvers for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations on Octree Adaptive Grids

  • 25 February 2011: Prof. Herbie Lee, University of California, Santa Cruz: Modeling, Adaptive Design, and Optimization Using Treed Gaussian Processes

  • 11 March 2011: Dr. Alexander Manonov, University of Texas at Austin: Resistor networks and optimal grids for electrical impedance tomography with partial boundary measurements

  • 18 March 2011: Loren Hough, Rockefeller University: Biophysics of intrinsically unfolded proteins

  • 8 April 2011: Dr. Hector Ceniceros, University of California, Santa Barbara: Interaction of immersed boundaries with complex fluids

  • 15 April 2011: Geoff Steves, University of Victoria: Calling All Astronauts: A Physicists Journey in the 2008-09 Astronaut Recruitment Campaign

  • 22 April 2011: Jack Xin, University of California, Irvine: Sparsity, convexity and L1 minimization in blind source separation

  • 6 May 2011: Dr. Genetha Gray, Sandia National Laboratories: Derivative-free hybrid optimization approaches to simulation-based problems