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Ruoxi Zhao

Ruoxi is highly talented and motivated. She has impressed all her instructors as one of the most hard-working students. She attends extra lecture sections on top of her own to get additional practice and perspectives on the material. She often follows a problem through multiple pages of work until she reaches the solution. It is recognized among university professors that those undergraduates who don't give up even when a problem takes pages of work to solve are the undergraduates who end up doing well in graduate school. Ruoxi is responsible, attends class regularly, and takes very detailed and accurate notes during lectures. She asks good clarifying questions, and she is not afraid to take the risk of answering a question in class even if she is not 100% confident and everyone else is silent. Her instructors said • I wish more students were like this! Ruoxi is a frequent and active attendee in office hours too and doesn't miss deadlines. Her dedication and commitment to education have earned her top grades even in notoriously difficulty courses. The Applied Math is proud to have Ruoxi as one of our graduates and has no doubt that she will succeed in her graduate studies.