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Salaheldin Hegab

Salaheldin Hegab is one of the exceptional and mature students of the Applied Math program. All faculty members who have had him in their classes praise him highly. Salaheldin is a serious thinker with a keen interest in mathematics and computing. While he already has solid mathematical knowledge, he continuously shows a curiosity and excitement for learning to solve more challenging problems and getting exposure to more complex and advanced concepts. His mature and intellectual interaction with the instructor in class also filters through to inspire the whole class. In addition, Salaheldin is a regular participant of the department’s “Problem of the Month'' contest. He consistently submits creative and solid solutions, which are always chosen to be amongst the noteworthy. Salaheldin is an active member of the UC Merced’s Muslim Student Association. He will start his graduate study towards a Master’s degree at UC Santa Cruz in Fall 2022.