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Imaging and Sensing Seminar

March 13, 2023 - 3:00pm

Where: 362C (ACS building)

When: 15:00-16:00

Speaker: Jacqueline Alvarez

Title: Machine Learning for Classifying Images with Motion Blur

Abstract: Motion blur in an image results from movements of objects within a scene or from the imaging system itself. In applications such as high-speed license plate recognition, motion blur introduces image artifacts leading to challenges in image classification. In this work, we investigate machine learning techniques for classifying images with motion blur using convolutional neural networks. In particular, we explore how different motion directions and lengths affect the predictive performance of our classification model. We used the MNIST dataset, which contains 70,000 images of handwritten digits, to generate training and testing datasets of images with motion blur using MATLAB. Specifically, we considered motion blurs at various angles and lengths to analyze the effects of different motion blurs on the classification accuracy of images of digits. We found that our model shows very high accuracy when training and testing on datasets with the same type of motion blur. In contrast, training and testing on datasets with different motion blurs result in lower accuracy. We describe how we can improve overall classification performance and offer insights on what additional information can be inferred from the MNIST dataset with motion blur.