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Imaging and Sensing Seminar

April 3, 2023 - 3:00pm

Where: 362C (ACS building)

When: 15:00-16:00

Speaker A: Jocelyn Ornelas Munoz

Title: Image Classification from Coded Aperture Imaging ‚Äč Abstract: Image classification is an essential task in medical imaging, and it plays a critical role in aiding clinicians to make accurate diagnoses. Coded aperture imaging is a novel imaging technique that has been gaining popularity in the medical field due to its ability to capture high-resolution images with reduced radiation exposure. The coded aperture technique involves placing a patterned mask in front of the detector to generate multiple images, which are then combined to form a high-resolution image. In this talk, we will discuss the use of image classification techniques to analyze coded aperture images. Our experimental results with the MNIST dataset demonstrate that our proposed methods have the potential to achieve high accuracy in image classification for coded aperture images, demonstrating its potential to aid in accurate medical diagnoses while reducing the radiation dose for patients.

Speaker B: Joseph Simpson

Title: Scattering by a Slender Body Abstract: : Scattering of a time harmonic scalar field by a soft, slender body is calculated. The wavelength is assumed to be long compared to the radius of the body cross section, but of any size compared to the body length. The scattered field is represented as an integral of fields from monopoles and dipoles distributed along the centerline of the body. The strengths of these sources are determined by solving integral equations.