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MathBio Seminar

March 17, 2021 - 9:00am

Speaker: Dr. Luna Luisa Sanchez Reyes, UC Merced
Title: Being kind to your future self: Leveraging Open Science principles and practices for your career path.
Abstract: One of the major principles of the scientific method is reproducibility, with which a scientific result can be asserted as a scientific fact and generally recognized as scientific knowledge only when it can be replicated independently several times by following the same methodology. We currently face a scientific reproducibility crisis. While initially unveiled in the psychological sciences, we continue to see unfortunate examples of published and peer-reviewed scientific results that are not reproducible across the natural, medical, and social sciences. Because scientific advancements rely on the basis of previous discoveries, when a scientific result is not replicable, it compromises any further scientific discoveries and understanding based on it, weakening scientific discoveries as a whole. The reproducibility crisis has deeply impacted science applications such as science policy and conservation practices, as well as public trust on science, data and experts. The Open Science movement aims to establish principles, protocols and initiatives to make the scientific process transparent, accessible, and reproducible, and has gained strength and visibility across the scientific community to face the challenges brought up by the reproducibility crisis. There is a growing number of Open Science practices with varying degrees of difficulty in the learning process. Is it worthy to climb the learning curve for all of these new tools? Should you focus on only a few? In this talk I will address relevant Open Science principles and practices to show how shifting to an open model of doing research can help science in general and make your career path smoother and stronger.