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Mathematical Biology Seminar

March 22, 2023 - 10:30am

Speaker: Dr. Christina Edholm, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Scripps College

Title: Heterogeneity in Infectious Disease Models

Abstract: With our ever-changing world, we are constantly informed about infectious diseases and the ramifications. We can combat infectious diseases using mathematics to gain insight into disease dynamics and outbreaks. In this talk, we will explore heterogeneity in a variety of models. To study heterogeneity in the models, we are considering groups of individuals or environments which are broken apart due to specific characteristics. For instance, we will consider models with structurally defined host heterogeneity, where classes of individuals are differentiated by defined factors, and possible insights gained by utilizing such models. Additionally, we will consider host heterogeneity based on demographic and/or environmental factors as a critical way to understand the spread of infectious diseases. We will finish with a discussion of management strategies and control, along with future directions.