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Numerical Analysis Seminar: Leonardo Zepeda-Núñez

April 24, 2019 - 3:00pm

Speaker: Leonardo Zepeda-Núñez (UC Berkeley)

Title: Fast and Scalable Algorithms for the High-Frequency Helmholtz Equation in 3D

Description: There is much truth to the conventional wisdom that computational wave propagation is harder when the frequency is higher. Ten years ago, it was unclear that scalable sequential algorithms could even exist for the Helmholtz equation. Today, linear complexity is not only available in many scenarios of interest, but it is becoming clear that parallelism can take us much further. I will show recent results that indicate that genuinely sublinear parallel runtimes are possible in the 3D case, both with respect to the total number of unknowns, and the number of right-hand sides.
** Joint work with Laurent Demanet (MIT), Matthias Taus (MIT), Russell Hewett (Total), and Adrien Scheuer (UCL).


SSM 235