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Waves Seminar

February 18, 2021 - 3:00pm

Speaker: Remi Cornaggia (Sorbonne University)

Title: Modeling and controlling dispersive waves in architected materials : second-order homogenization and topological optimization

We are interested in waves in two-phase periodic materials, whose phase distribution is to be optimized to obtain specific dispersive properties (typically, to maximize the dispersion in given directions of wave propagation).

The two-scale asymptotic homogenization procedure will first be recalled. In particular, the second-order asymptotic expansion enables to model the low-frequency dispersive behavior of waves in these media. Illustratrations will be given for bilaminates in 1D, for which we designed correctors for boundary and transmission conditions, that complement the wave model to obtain an overall second-order approximation in bounded domains [1].

The topological optimization algorithm [2] will then be presented for scalar waves in 2D media (e.g. acoustic or antiplane shear waves). First, simple dispersion indicators are extracted from the homogenized model. Cost functionals to be minimized to achieve certain goals are then defined using these indicators. The minimization is then performed thanks to an iterative algorithm, which relies on the concept of topological derivative (TD) of the cost functional. The TD quantifies the sensitivity of the functional to a localized phase change in the unit cell, and therefore indicates optimal locations where to perform these phase changes. The TD of the cost functionnal can be computed from the TDs of the coefficients of the homogenized model, whose expressions were determined in a previous work [3]. At each step, the cell problems underlying the homogenized model, whose solutions are needed to compute the TDs, are solved thanks to FFT-accelerated solvers [4].

Two applications of the method will be presented: maximizing the dispersion in given directions, and determining the microstructure of an architected material from phase velocity measurements.

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(files of [1,2,3] available on HAL : )