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Waves Seminar

March 5, 2020 - 2:00pm

Speaker: Camille Carvalho
Title: Subtraction techniques for the close evaluation of layer potentials
Abstract: Close evaluation of layer potentials refers to large errors occurred at evaluation points near (but not on) the boundary. This is due to peaked behaviors of the integrands near the boundary. There exist subtraction techniques to smooth out this peaked behavior for Laplace's problems. In this talk we present how to extend those ideas to waves problems.

Speaker: Arnold D. Kim
Title: Optical imaging of colloids
Abstract: A colloidal suspension is a collection of nanometer to micron scaled particles in a fluid used to study self-assembly. A key to studying colloids lies in imaging these particles accurately and efficiently within a standard microscope setup. In this talk, we introduce this imaging problem, propose an imaging method that uses space, angle or wavelength diversity at the source to compensate for the intensity-only measurements, and demonstrate its effectiveness through numerical simulations.


ACS 362B