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2020 Fall Semester

Via Zoom (email for link). Time: Friday at 2:30pm (otherwise announced)

  • Friday, September 18
    Speaker: Tucker Hartland
    Title: Kick off meeting / short research talk
  • Friday, September 25
    Speaker: Tanya Tafolla
    Title: Data Oriented Design on CPUs & GPUs
  • Friday, October 9 (2pm-3pm)
    Derivative Bee
  • Friday, October 16
    Speaker: Isaac Quintanilla (UC Riverside graduate student)
    Title: Time-Varying Coefficient Models for Longitudinal Data
  • Friday, October 23
    SIAM Student Chapter Event: REU Discussion [flyer] [presentation slides]
  • Friday, October 30
    Speakers: Darcy Brunk and Juan Valencia (Stanislaus Undergraduate Students)
    Title: A Hypergraph-based Image Segmentation Algorithm
  • Friday, November 6 (2pm-3pm)
    SIAM Student Chapter Event: Industry Careers and the Graduate School Experience [flyer]
  • Friday, November 13
    Speaker: Radoslav Vuchkov
    Title: Quasi-Newton methods governed by multiple secant equations for large-scale inverse problems
  • Friday, November 20
    Speaker: Eunji Yoo
    Title: Choices to make a 3D simulation run
  • Friday, December 4
    Speaker: Valentin Dallerit
    Title: High-Order Numerical Solutions to the Nonlinear Shallow-Water Equations on the Rotated Cubed-Sphere Grid

2020 Spring Semester

Room: ACS 362B, Time: Friday at 1:30pm (otherwise announced)

  • Friday, Janunary 31
    Speaker: Omar DeGuchy
    Title: Deep Image Prior
  • Friday, February 7
    Speaker: Jacky Alvarez
    Title: Image Classification in Synthetic Aperture Radar using Reconstruction From Learned Inverse Scattering
  • Friday, February 14
    Speaker: Phoebe Coy
    Title: TBA
  • Friday, February 21
    (Special Event) Graduate visitation weekend
  • Friday, February 28
    Speaker: Maia Powell
    Title: Who’s That Pokémon?
  • Friday, March 6
    Speaker: Lori Lewis
    Title: TBA
  • Friday, March 13 (1:30 - 3:30pm, SE2-102)
    (Special Event) Integration Bee [flyer] ***canceled/postponed due to due to COVID-19 concerns***
  • Friday, March 20
    Speaker: Majerle Reeves
    Title: TBA
  • Friday, April 3
    Speaker: Radoslav Vuchkov
    Title: TBA
  • Friday, April 10
    Speaker: Ashley De Luna
    Title: TBA
  • Friday, April 17
    (Special Event) SIAM Student Chapter Conference
  • Friday, April 24
    Speaker: Tucker Hartland
    Title: TBA
  • Friday, May 1
    Speaker: TBA
    Title: TBA

2019 Fall Semester

Room: ACS 362B, Time: refreshments at 12:30pm and talk at 1:00pm (otherwise announced)

  • Friday, August 30
    (Special Event) lunch with alumnus Paul Tranquilli (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)
  • Friday, September 6
    Speaker: Omar DeGuchy
    Title: Introduction to UC Merced SIAM Chapter
  • Friday, September 13
    Speaker: Alex Ho
    Title: Image Disambiguation with Deep Neural Network
  • Thursday, September 26
    (Special Event) Undergrad Panel [flyer]
    12:00pm - 1:00pm, Granite Pass 103
    Title: Panel Discussion on Applying to Graduate School
  • Friday, October 4
    Speaker: Lori Lewis
    Title: Using Live Script in MATLAB
  • Friday, October 11
    Speaker: Eunji Yoo
    Title: Flow around settling cube with boundary integral method
  • Friday, October 18
    Speaker: Alex John Quijano
    Title: Introduction to Dynamic Mode Decomposition and Applications
  • Thursday, October 24
    (Special Event) Derivative Bee [flyer]
    11:30am - 1:30pm, SE2 102
  • Friday, November 1
    Speaker: Jordan Collignon
    Title: A Queueing Theory Application for College Students 
  • Friday, November 8
    (Special Event)
  • Friday, November 15
    Speaker: Ali Heydari
    Title: How to Super Resolve your Face 101
  • Friday, November 22
    Speaker: Kohl James (CSU Stanislaus)
    Title: TBA
  • Friday, December 6
    Speaker: Tucker Hartland
    Title: TBA

2019 Spring Semester

Room: COB-1 276, Time: refreshments at 1:30pm and talk at 2:00pm (otherwise announced)

  • Friday, February 8
    Speaker: Alex John Quijano
    Title: Is Romance Dead? Generating Poetry using Character-Level Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Friday, February 15
    Speaker: Tucker Hartland
    Title: Hierarchical Matrix Compression in PDE Constrained Optimization
  • Friday, March 1
    Speaker: Omar DeGuchy
    Title: Neural Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Friday, March 8 (COB-1 205, 1:30pm - 3pm)
    Speaker: Changho Kim
    Title: An Interesting Way to Combine Numbers
  • Friday, March 15
    Speaker: Jacky Alvarez and Ashley De Luna
    Title: Julia Sets
  • Friday, April 5
    Speaker: Rado Vuchkov
    Title: Preconditioning by limited memory quasi-Newton methods