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Our faculty members, Profs. Roummel Marcia, Arnold Kim, and Lei Yue win the 2021-2022 SNS Awards

September 23, 2022


Developing or improving academic programs and tracks. This award recognizes a faculty member who has taken the lead in developing academic programming that serves the changing needs of our students and support the growth of our School. This year’s award goes to Roummel Marcia for his leadership in building the Data Science tracks within the undergraduate and graduate Applied Mathematics programs, and his ongoing contributions to creating a Data Science major for the School.


Contributions to Inclusive Excellence in STEM. This award recognizes a faculty member who not only understands that excellence is an emergent property of the combination of a multitude of diverse voices, but also takes concrete steps to create a culture in which individuals feel included and empowered to participate. This year’s award goes to Arnold Kim, who was and continues to be a driving force in building and maintaining gender equity within the Applied Mathematics department.


Innovations in Undergraduate Education. This award recognizes an individual whose efforts extend beyond the walls of their own classroom and propagated across SNS curricula. This year’s award goes to Lei Yue, who has been instrumental in leading the revision of Math 5 and in piloting the Learning Assistant Program, which is now being deployed in Chemistry and Physics.


The list of all SNS faculty awards can be found here