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Matea Santiago wins the AWM-SIAM Poster Prize at SIAM AN21

July 27, 2021

Matea Santiago won the AWM-SIAM Poster Prize at SIAM AN21. Congratulations!

Please check out her award-winning poster here.

Title: Pulsing and Photosynthesis: Numerical Simulations of Soft Corals

Abstract: Corals in the family Xeniidae actively pulse their tentacles. It is hypothesized that the pulsing mixes the fluid to facilitate the photosynthesis of the symbiotic algae on their tentacles. Numerical simulations of the resulting fluid flow of a pulsing soft coral, using the immersed boundary method, coupled to a novel photosynthesis model will be presented. The benefit of pulsing for mixing and photosynthesis in different parameter regimes is quantified to gain insight into this behavior.

The AWM Graduate Poster Session is a judged event, where graduate students and recent PhDs can apply for the opportunity to present their work. Another graduate student of ours, Amandeep Kaur, was also selected to participate in this poster session. In coordination with the NSF Mathematical Sciences Institutes, AWM also offers the winners an invitation to participate in a week-long workshop at one of the institutes as a prize for the best poster, a prize that is intended to help anchor the recipient in their field by introducing them to new colleagues and collaborators.