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Applied Math Alumni

PhD Alumni

David Martin, PhD, 2015, "Accounting for Surface Concentrations Using a VOF Front Tracking Method in Multiphase Flow " Advisor: Prof. Francois Blanchette

Jane HyoJin Lee, PhD, 2015, "Behavior of nanoscale water structures in external electric field , " Advisor: Prof. Mayya Tokman

Derya Şahin, PhD, 2014, "Modeling Light Propagation in Luminescent Media," Advisor: Prof. Boaz Ilan

Shelley Rohde, PhD, 2014, "Modeling diffuse reflectance measurements of light scattered by layered tissues," Advisor: Prof. Arnold Kim

Garnet Vaz, PhD, 2014, "Graph based Scalable Algorithms with Applications," Advisor: Prof. Harish Bhat

John Loffeld, PhD, 2013, "Design, Implementation and Performance of Exponential Integrators for High Performance Computing Applications," Advisor: Prof. Mayya Tokman

Nitesh Kumar, PhD, 2013, "Modeling Dependence in Data: Options Pricing and Random Walks," Advisor: Prof. Harish Bhat

Steve Minter, PhD, 2010, "On the implications of incompressibility of the quantum mechanical wavefunction in the presence of tidal gravitational fields," Advisor: Prof. Raymond Chiao

MS Alumni

Terese Thompson, MS, 2015, "Exploration of Local Force Calculations using Methods of Regularized Stokeslets ," Advisor: Prof. Karin Leiderman

Elizabeth Ownes, MS, 2015, "Genetic Correlation in the One-Dimensional Stepping Stone Model of Population Structure," Advisor: Prof. Suzanne Sindi

Sydney Montroy, MS, 2013, "Modeling the time evolution of tide level, salinity, temperature, and oxygen concentration in marine lakes, Palau," Advisor: Prof. Francois Blanchette

Vusi Magagula, MS, 2013, "Modeling Fluid Flow Through and around a Porous Medium Using the Brinkman's Equation and Navier-Stokes Equation," Advisor: Prof. Francois Blanchette

Bryan Sims, MS, 2012, "InvestorRank and an inverse problem for PageRank," Advisor: Prof. Harish Bhat

Paul Tranquilli, MS, 2011, "Implementation and performance of new adaptive exponential propagation iterative Runge-Kutta (EPIRK) methods", Advisor: Prof. Mayya Tokman 

Daniel Thompson, MS, 2011, "Sparse image and video recovery using gradient projection for linearly constrained convex optimization," Advisor: Prof. Roummel Marcia

Derrek Sollberger, MS, 2011, "Monte Carlo approaches to hidden Markov model state estimation," Advisor: Prof. Harish Bhat

Daniel Swenson, MS, 2011, "Intensity-constrained total variation regularization for image denoising and deblurring," Advisor: Prof. Roummel Marcia

Haik Stepanian, MS, 2010, "Computing unstable 2-manifolds in 3-dimensional phase space by computing a volume curvature," Advisor: Prof. Kevin Mitchell

Ivan Navarro, MS, 2010, "Governing equations for simulations of soap bubbles," Advisor: Prof. Francois Blanchette

Kazh Brito, MS, 2010, "Legendre spectral finite elements for Reissner-Mindlin plates," Advisor: Prof. Michael Sprague

David Hambley, MS, 2009, "Dynamics of drop coalescence with downward velocity at liquid interfaces," Advisor: Prof. Francois Blanchette

Elibet Ambrocio, MS, 2008, "A self-consistent obstacle scattering theory for the diffusion approximation of the radiative transport equation," Advisor: Prof. Arnold Kim